Annual Campaign

Annual Campaign banner

We Believe in Tyler ISD is the Tyler ISD Foundation's annual campaign, which rallies community support for Tyler ISD.

The Tyler ISD Foundation is the non-profit, philanthropic partner of Tyler ISD, providing resources to inspire learning, enrich teaching, and enhance opportunities for our students through exemplary programs.

We know that Tyler ISD is one of the primary economic mobility engines for the City of Tyler and will continue to be for decades to come, and as such, the Tyler ISD Foundation's commitment to invest in our public school system runs deep. We invite you to join us in that commitment as a Friend of the Foundation.

Our students are the leaders, business owners, and employees of tomorrow. As a Friend of the Foundation, you’re investing in them and your return on your investment is so great because these students are coming out of Tyler ISD stronger, smarter, and ready to contribute greatly to our community in all that they do.

Every day, we’re inspired by the creativity and innovation we see in our District classrooms. Since its creation in 1990, the Tyler ISD Foundation has given over $3.5 million to the district through innovative teaching grants, parent and student programs, professional development, scholarships, academic and teaching recognition events, and more!  With support from donors like you, these valuable experiences and opportunities for our students can continue.