faded background includes picture of a school bus with a student wearing a backpack stepping onto it.

Tyler ISD launches Ride 360, a new app from Tyler Technologies, allowing a streamlined flow of communication for families whose children ride the bus. The app uses GPS data and contains students' bus route information as they travel throughout the district.

"Users of Ride 360 can access their secure data for bus stop location, route, and pick up time, including when and where their child boards and exits the bus,” Director of Transportation John Bagert said. ”Parents and students are more empowered by having information at their fingertips about their school bus so they can get to school safely and on time each day."

Users can download the free app for both the iPhone and Android systems. The app also allows push notifications from the Transportation Department to inform users of pickup and drop-off schedules, delays, accidents, changes in bus assignments, and other important information.

"This app will be another valuable tool to ensure we provide a safe and secure transportation experience for the families of Tyler ISD," said Bagert. "The friendly user interface will be familiar to anyone who has used a mobile app. Parents and students can quickly and easily access their student data with little or no training." 

"The Ride 360 app will also be used for general communications," Chief Communications Officer Jennifer Hines said. "For example, we can send a reminder to parents about the bus schedule change for an early release day or if there is bad weather and the buses are moving slower than usual."

Tyler ISD is the largest school district in East Texas. The district is nearly 195 square miles and transports about 4500 students to and from campuses daily. The 134 school buses in the fleet travel almost 7500 miles daily or approximately 1.5 million miles yearly. There are also about 6,500 trips in support of Athletics, Visual and Performing Arts, and other educational-related field trips.

For more information, contact Jennifer Hines at Jennifer.Hines@TylerISD.org.